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Term: 3 months
Payment frequency: 2 weeks
Number of payments: 6 levies
Nominal rate: 19.49%
Interest: $19.43
Payment fees: $3.00
Payments amount: $125.91

Term: 3 months
Payment frequency: 2 weeks
Number of payments: 6 levies
Nominal rate: 19.49%
Interest: $22.84
Payment fees: $3.00
Payments amount: $147.97

Term: 4 months
Payment frequency: 2 weeks
Number of payments: 8 levies
Nominal rate: 19.49%
Interest: $34.54
Payment fees: $4.00
Payments amount: $131.19

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Note: The payments amount, the total amount to be reimbursed and the effective credit rate can slightly vary depending on your payment frequency and the delay between your deposit and the date of your first levy.

  • A quick loan of up to $1,000
  • 24/7 online loan application
  • Loan application over the phone with a representative
  • Online form completed in as little as five minutes
  • Interest rate lower than that of the competition
  • A response within one hour (during business hours)
  • Same day direct deposit (if the contract is signed and received by our offices before 11:30 a.m.)
  • Confidential and secure
  • 100% Canadian and bilingual service
  • Up to 16 installments to pay off your loan
  • Option to paying off early without penalty; interest will be reduced accordingly
  • Online renewals in under one minute!
  • Prêt rapide de 500 $ à 1000 $
  • Demande de prêt en ligne 24 h/24, 7j/7
  • Demande de prêt par téléphone avec un conseiller
  • Formulaire en ligne complété en aussi peu que 5 minutes
  • Service 100 % canadien et bilingue
  • Renouvellement en ligne complété en aussi peu qu’une minute!
  • Confidentiel et sécuritaire
  • Taux d’intérêt inférieurs à ceux de la concurrence
  • Réponse en 1 h (pendant les heures d’affaires)
  • Dépôt direct dans le compte le jour même (si le contrat signé est reçu à nos bureaux avant 10 h 30)
  • Possibilité de remboursement anticipé sans pénalité; les intérêts seront réduits en conséquence
  • Jusqu’à 16 versements pour rembourser

Quick Loans with Credit 24

With Credit 24, react quickly to an unexpected lack of funds needed for anything. Obtain an online loan in under 24 hours at a maximum interest rate of 19.49%.

Do you need $1,000 or less? Apply for a loan of $500, $700, $750, $850 or $1,000, which will be deposited directly into your account. Whether you have money problems or poor credit, you can receive a quick and easy online loan. Rest assured that the entire process will remain confidential.

Effective Credit Rate (APR)

The lending companies with whom we do business offer an effective credit rate of 19.49%

Term of repayment

Depending on the loan amount, our terms of repayment are between 3 to 5 months.

Exemple of repayment

A loan of $700 payable every two weeks in 8 levies will cost you $131.19 per payment for a total of $1,049.52.
This information is given as an example and considers a fee of $300 to be paid to Credit 24. Credit 24 alone determines the fees for each file at its own discretion. Those fees are independent of interest due to the lender.


A few words from our customers who trusted us.

«Despite my financial situation and some unexpected events I had to deal with, I have been very satisfied by the courtesy and the outstanding efficiency of Credit 24. The whole process remains confidential and their customer service is peerless. Thanks you!»

– Jonathan B.

«After shopping the best rate and conditions for a micro-loan, I was extremely pleased with their professionalism and the importance they gave me. Thank you for everything!»

– Melissa D.

«I highly recommend Credit 24 for their promptness, courtesy and their beneficial loans. They are definitely the reference for no-investigation online loans. Thank you!»

– Marie-France P.

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