Confidentiality policy

Last Update: November 24, 2014

The current notice applies to our company, our employees, our clients and our suppliers. It describes how our websites and employees may collect use and share your personal data, and explain how this data may be collected and used for advertisement purposes.

By using this website, and more specifically by filling a demand form, you accept all terms and conditions of the current notice.

Online collection and use of information

“Personal Data” refers to all information and data concerning yourself allowing identification, including name, gender, address (postal or email), phone number, mobile number, fax number, your employer’s name, your revenues, your social insurance number and your bank account numbers.


How do we collect information?

All data concerning your file is collected only through our online application forms or while discussing with our customer service staff. By filing out the interactive online form or by answer our customer service staff’s questions, you implicitly consent to disclose information, and give us the permission to use that information for our activities. Also, you consent that we confirm to third parties some information, notably the length of employment. We will not confirm any other confidential information.

How do we use personal data?

We can use collected personal data for the purpose of:

  • Answering your loan requests;
  • Assessing your financial situation and offering you financial products adapted to your needs;
  • Setting-up a file that will be transferred to a lending institution;
  • Informing you on financial products that may interest you;
  • Managing loans that you either applied for or that you have been granted;
  • Adapting your web surfing experience on our website to your personal needs;
  • Easing the renewal or the application process for a new loan;
  • Checking your identity and preventing fraud;
  • Finding or contacting you if needed.
How personal information is shared?

We share collected personal data only with priory-approved lending institutions, subjected to the same terms and conditions as us, or with lawyer’s cabinets and recovery agencies, when clients do not honour their commitments. We may have to disclose personal data, in parts or in its entirety, with authorized governmental agencies, as part of the implementation of their mandate.


Complementary Information

Some other data, that is not personal and that does not reveal your identity, may be automatically collected by your browser or us, such as cookies, pixel tags, IP addresses and other technologies. Data is conglomerated to determine general demographic data, revenue levels and consumption use. We hold very little control over those collection processes, and you can learn more on how to control or deactivate such features in your browser’s website.

We, as well as our advertisement suppliers, may use information on your activities on our website, such as pages visited or keywords used during online searches, to select the most efficient advertisements or offers. We limit access and collection of data to specific use for our advertisement service suppliers.


Advertisement from third party websites and mobile applications

Credit24 offers contracts to advertisement agencies to promote products and services on our website and mobile applications. Those agencies are not affiliated with us, but may access useful information from the creation and the management of our sending lists. These third party websites and mobile applications are not restricted by our confidentiality policy.



To protect your personal information against non-authorized access and use, we use security measures that exceed or, at least, meet minimal requirements of federal and provincial laws. Among others, our employees must sign a very strict confidentiality policy: any exemption will be severely punished. All collected data are stored in knowingly secured sites with solid guaranties concerning integrity preservation of collected data and unauthorized access.


Information accuracy and access

Keeping your information accurate and updated is important for us. If your account information is incomplete, inaccurate or non-updated, please contact us through our website or call our customer service.

You can at all times know your information we keep, maintain or withdraw consent or demand the destruction of all information retained. We cannot refuse such demands if you fully fulfilled all obligations in your loan contract. However, if your loan is still active, information will be kept until the end of the contract. You can, at all times, decide to not communicate information demanded on forms or during a conversation with our staff. In this event, Credit24 will not be able to grant the requested loan or to answer your demand.


Confidentiality Policy’s Updates

Our confidentiality policy may change: it can be updated to conform to governmental consumer protection requirements or to answer our clients’ demands and concerns. You can contribute to the quality and the relevance of this policy by reporting any deficiencies. For that matter, please contact the person hereafter listed. Any modification to the current notice comes into effect once published on our website.